SMSF Investment Strategies & Estate Planning

We offer a range of services to assist trustees with their roles and responsibilities in line with SMSF regulations and laws, and offer industry leading expertise in all areas of SMSF financial advice. Director and SMSF Specialist Advisor™ Adam Passwell has the experience and qualifications to ensure that the advice you receive is research based, and is specifically tailored. 

Health Check

Our Health Check is the starting point for anyone wanting to establish or review a SMSF. Just like constructing a new home, SMSF planning begins with the foundations - a good trust deed, and then builds upon this. Our Health Check covers the following services:

A. SMSF foundation, trust deed review, investment strategies, & trustee involvement. Download Form

B. Trustee knowledge & education. Download Form

C. Existence of estate plan and disability plan. Download Form

D. High level strategic planning opportunities, ie. asset transfers, pensions, etc.

Each of these areas is touched on at a high level. After discussions with trustees, a report is then presented with the key findings.  This report can be used to identify opportunities or issues that should be addressed by the trustees.

Why choose Your Super Solutions Specialist Advisor?

  • We are a privately owned company and have our own Australian Services Financial Licence 3, Number 290618. Our trusted, SMSF Specialist advisers provide you with information that is most suited to your personal SMSF needs and goals.  
  • We ensure that all advisors are professionally trained to the highest industry standards in education, skills and integrity. Our long-term client relationships are built upon trust, expertise and experience.
  • By law, any advisor is restricted from giving financial product and/or investment advice (SMSF is a financial product) to clients without the necessary education and certification. That’s why a SMSF Specialist Adviser™ can be an essential part of your SMSF. If your non AFSL licensed accountant or other advisor is providing anything more than administrative and/or tax advice, they are potentially in breach of the Financial Services Legislation.


STEP 1 SMSF health check

STEP 2 Trustee education

STEP 3 SMSF Deed & Corporate Trustee

STEP 4 Contribution strategies

STEP 5 Transition to retirement strategies

STEP 6 Pension strategies

STEP 7 Insurance strategies

STEP 8 Investment strategies

STEP 9 New fund borrowing strategies

STEP 10 Estate planning & SMSF wills

Please email or call Adam Passwell on 1300 389 839 for further information on SMSF investment strategies, SMSF estate planning and/or SMSF strategic planning.



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